Self-Esteem Counseling for Austin

Self-criticism and not feeling good enough can create and perpetuate anxiety, pain, and unhappiness in our lives. People from all walks of life may struggle with self-esteem issues from time to time. Even people who appear to have it all together on the outside may be constantly beating themselves up on the inside.

Many of us are our own worst critics and could benefit from being more compassionate toward ourselves. Think about some of the unkind things you’ve said to yourself in the past—would you ever talk to a friend the way you talk to yourself?

Learning to practice self-compassion through self-esteem counseling can help to diminish the inner voice that tells us we are not good enough.

What is self-compassion?

Self-compassion means that we are unconditionally kind and understanding toward ourselves, rather than harshly judging ourselves for what we perceive to be shortcomings or failures. All human beings deserve compassion and understanding. When we learn to be compassionate toward ourselves, we build an inner strength we can always turn to when things get rough.

Self-compassion is not the same as self-indulgence, self-pity or even self-esteem. It is not about sitting on the couch drowning our sorrows in a tub of ice cream, or pushing ourselves to get to a perfect place of clarity or “high self-esteem.”

There is a growing pile of evidence which shows that self-compassion can lead to greater emotional resilience, more realistic self-concepts, better relationships, and less reactive anger. I was fortunate to be taught by Dr. Kristin Neff, a highly respected and prominent researcher in the self-compassion field.

I will incorporate some of Dr. Neff’s findings into our counseling sessions and describe the research in practical terms so you can determine whether practicing self-compassion is the right approach for you. I will challenge you to shift some of the language you use to describe yourself, which can lead to less negative self-talk and more joy.

Self-criticism, perfectionism, and never feeling good enough are toxic influences that can shape how we feel about ourselves, negatively affect our relationships, and distort our worldview. Self-esteem counseling can help you overcome the roadblocks that may be keeping you stuck in a self-defeating and painful mindset.

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