How is counseling with a therapist different than speaking with a friend?

Although many of us work through our personal struggles by confiding in close friends, there are several reasons why speaking with a therapist has different and possibly more effective outcomes. Working with an experienced and compassionate therapist in Austin, TX may change your life. Here I’ll address some of the benefits.

Focus & Purpose Counseling sessions serve a specific purpose—to provide a safe environment for you to talk about you. Therapy sessions are typically a one-sided conversation, and as a psychologist I am here to listen, not to go on about myself or tell my own stories. We will focus on the things that are affecting your mental health and your life, and I’ll help you to develop the tools to cope with anxiety, depression, and the stress of everyday life.

Reliability I offer a wide variety of days and times for appointments. You can depend on me to be there during the good and bad times. I won’t bail when things get rough.

Formal Training & Expertise I went to school to learn how to help people like you. My rigorous education allowed me to spend thousands of hours lending a trained ear to people from all walks of life. By sharing my knowledge, I can help you sort out your issues, come up with solutions to problems, and support you on your journey as you learn how to live a happier, more balanced life.

Objectivity As a qualified psychologist in Austin, TX and a neutral party, I can be more objective than a close friend. I can offer an unbiased perspective on situations, relationships, and the people in your life.

Confidentiality Counseling sessions are private and strictly confidential. You don’t have to worry that what you say about someone will get back to them. I take patient confidentiality very seriously and am vigilant about protecting my patients’ privacy.

Whether you are looking for a therapist, counselor, psychologist or psychotherapist in Austin, TX, all of these roles are within the scope of my experience and education. If you are ready to explore the issues that may be keeping you stuck, please contact Vibrant Counseling to schedule a consultation.

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