Pricing & FAQs

What is counseling?

Counseling is something I am super passionate about. Practically speaking, counseling is time you set aside each week to meet with a professional and talk about yourself. It’s a special opportunity to process and work through any personal struggles you may be experiencing under the guidance of an experienced professional who is dedicated to helping you.

That being said, counseling isn’t “one size fits all.” It’s a collaboration. I tailor each session to fit your specific needs and goals. I don’t come in with an agenda each week of what I think we should discuss. Instead, I listen deeply to your concerns and begin formulating hypotheses of what I think might be going on below the surface. I provide just enough structure to keep the session flowing, while simultaneously offering all the time and space you need to work through an issue at your own pace.

I also love this definition from Capital Area Counseling which may resonate with you: “Psychotherapy in its broadest definition is about growth. It is about living a life that is most congruent with who you are and participating in the quality of relationships you desire. Psychotherapy can look different for each client. For some it may involve identifying survival techniques developed in one’s childhood that are no longer useful today. For others, psychotherapy might involve developing new patterns to meet current and future challenges.”

Is there a difference between counseling, therapy, and psychotherapy?

That is a great question and one I get asked a lot by friends, family, and clients. The answer is no! Sorry for all the confusion out there. The terms ‘counseling’, ‘therapy’, and ‘psychotherapy’ are all different ways of describing basically the same thing. You’ll hear doctors and mental health professionals use these terms interchangeably.

How long will I need to be in counseling? Am I going to be in therapy forever?

That is a valid question, and I can totally understand wanting to know how long counseling will take to “work.” The most accurate answer is that it depends. The course of treatment depends on a number of factors, such as the reason you’re seeking help, the severity of your issues, how frequently and consistently you’re able to attend sessions, and your definition of progress. We’ll work together on determining your goals for treatment. I’ll continually check in with you to see how you think things are going and if you believe therapy is helping you reach your goals. We’ll also reevaluate your goals from time to time, as they often shift and evolve during the course of treatment.

What do you charge for your services?

My fee is $180 per 50 minute session. I accept all major credit cards, HSA and FSA cards, checks, and cash.

Do you take insurance?

No, I do not accept insurance. I take client confidentiality seriously, and I’m very concerned about protecting my clients’ privacy. I don’t want to involve a third party in my clients’ care. In addition, taking insurance would mean that I’m required to formally diagnose all of my clients with a psychiatric mental disorder, which in many cases is neither appropriate nor necessary for treatment.

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